Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Worship - The most abused word in the Christian language

Worship..... This word has caused more fighting, division, resentment, bickering and just plain silliness than anything else in modern church history. While by definition "Worship" is a putting aside of yourself and all else for the glory of another (God) it is hardly the case that this is true of modern Christianity. You can see the contradiction just by listing to people's comments about perceived worship. They speak of how they liked or disliked the music or how worship made them feel such as a sense of feeling alive or dead in worship. Everyone has their own ideal of how worship should be with complete disregard for the one whose opinion matters most. I have been in dozens of church splits over music style where young people forsake the dignity and authority of those elder to them and openly rebel for the sake of a song or drum set. I have seen older believers so set in tradition so as to no longer have a mind for others or their wishes in things of no consequence. I have seen families divided, churches split and a disunity of Christianity over selfish desires on how to preform a selfless act.
  When my wife and I got married I tried to use the golden rule in all things. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That did not all. The problem was we had different wants and dreams and desires. I treated her how I wanted to be treated and she treated me how she wanted to be treated. We both missed out on who the other person was. We were being selfish in our love by promoting our own wishes rather than discovering the wishes of the other. Some of the things my wife likes me to do for her would have no meaning if she did them for me. Some of the things I want from my wife have never even crossed her mind as having value. You cannot worship another based on your own desires.
  God would have a worship based on obedience, brotherly love, humility with each other, and respect for each other.Worship is not singing a song I like and waving my hands about in the air but living in a way that honors and cherishes our brothers and sisters in Christ. Are they not God's children as well. Are we not loving Him as we love each other? Did God not say to not enter into worship if you are having an an argument with another believer? Have you ever considered if your songs or beliefs are actually describing the God of the Bible or just one of your imagination?
  I think God must often be repulsed by our gift of worship because it meets our desires rather than His. We are not like Him! Discover what God wants in worship and sacrifice your desires for the sake of Him and His children.

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