Monday, January 30, 2012


Most of us go through life trying to find some kind of success fullness, excitement, purpose, pleasure, happiness, ect. Maybe you have found your peace of mind or maybe you are still looking. Most consider a family, friends, a good job, and a little entertainment & fun to be enough for them and they are for the most part satisfied. Well,what about God? What happened to God? While we find time for everything else we can think of,we ignore the most important thing in life.We ignore God.In fact most people avoid God at all cost.Society has erased God from it's memory! When you watch TV or go to a movie, you usually  find that it contains nothing but lots of violence, sex, improper language, and general wickedness. When I am in public  I see nothing that promotes Godliness. People find it easy to start a conversation on the weather , sports , current events but are too shy to mention God. Why is this? I think most people find it easier to ignore God and claim he doesn't see or doesn't care or doesn't even exist than to face God and deal with their sin and become righteous and holy.
  I have come to the conclusion that people don't want godliness. They know it would interfere too much with their lives. They don't want to change. Just look at the lifestyles of the average person (especially the younger generation)Who would watch a movie that didn't contain a little action, or dirty humor, or a little nudity. Who would turn down an invitation to a party (everyone knows what goes on at most parties)? Who would intentionally avoid becoming popular? It is a sad fact but these are the things that the majority of people find entertaining / fulfilling. I also don't see Godliness at work. I see swearing, laziness, greed, and backstabbing. No one mentions God (except when swearing) and no one wants to hear about God. People may claim to believe in God or claim to "be a Christian" but you should see the looks people get on their faces when someone actually mentions God.This doesn't just occur at the workplace.Try to bring up a discussion with a friend, family member, or neighbor about God or a discussion on right and wrong. Just see how Quickly that conversation ends. It is funny.You see bumper stickers saying "God bless America".You see "IN GOD WE TRUST" printed on our currency and you hear a patriotic song mentioning God sung before sporting events. Lets not fool ourselves.This is all just for show.There are very few people that wouldn't look at you funny if you mentioned God to them. Most people will say "Religion is a private matter and you should keep it to yourself" or "Religion & politics shouldn't be discussed in public" Who made these stupid rules anyway? It almost seems that good has become evil and evil has become good. Why has it become taboo to mention God. I'll tell you why. All people know God exists and all people know they are living contrary to the way God intended us to live. People love their lifestyle, and their things, and their lusts, and their greed and they know that these things can't be accepted by God, so people pretend God doesn't exist or they pretend God doesn't really mean what He says.Many people only believe what they want to about God. They dream up what they would like God to be and accept that as who God is. We can dream up all kinds of gods in our own mind but in reality God is what God is.You have to find out who God really is. God isn't whatever you believe him to be.Don't be blind! Don"t think that you can just ignore God. Whether you believe it or not you will have to answer for everything that you have ever done. Everyone is guilty of breaking God's law.You are, I am, everyone! God says that everyone that breaks his law will have to die. God created us so don't you think that He has the right to tell us how to live? God created us with a purpose in mind. He wanted us to act , and think a certain way. We have all rebelled against God and have decided to do what we want instead of what God wants. God has the right to destroy all of us. If you were to create something and it didn't work properly wouldn't you destroy it if it couldn't be fixed? God doesn't destroy us because he loves us. He waits patiently for us to realize our mistakes and turn from them and do His will but if we refuse what can God do but have us destroyed? What God commands us to do is not unreasonable. In fact it is beneficial. If everyone lived as we should we would all get along, there would be no war, crime, hatred, ect. God made laws because he loves us, just as parents make rules for their children.They make them for the children's benefit. In fact God sent his own son to earth to die and take the punishment for any person who would turn from their sin and turn to God. If God exists and is in control of our future, why do we ignore Him. Eternity is a very long time compared to the short time we have here on earth.
 In the Bible, God tells us how we should live and what the consequences are if we don't obey Him. The Bible can be used for things other than hiding your money in or putting it on the coffee table when the preacher comes over. I know society mocks anyone who actually reads the Bible, but what is more important:your eternal future or protecting your ego.I have noticed that most people have been lead to believe that the Bible is difficult if not imposable for "ordinary people" to understand.Don't you know that most of the Bible was written as letters by ordinary people to other ordinary people.It was not for the highly educated only.The only reason some people claim that the Bible is hard to understand is because it's concepts are so foreign to them.Can a prideful person understand humility?Can a thief understand generosity? Can a self-centered person understand love?If you can read with an open mind ,and accept what it says,you will soon understand the concepts of love,patients,self-control,generosity,humility,and kindness.God expresses his will for us through these writings.It is our responsibility to seek God and learn His will for us.

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