Friday, February 10, 2012


I have noticed new movements of God over the years that start out with the purest of motives and the focus is on honoring the Lord and good work is done. Then they become successful. I remember when the YMCA was the Young Men's Christian Association , when World Challenge was a Christian based organization rather that annoying people that sit outside Walmart selling worthless trinkets and donating 10% of proceeds to a 'cause". When my local church met on hay bales out in a field and everyone knew and loved each other personally, instead of the impersonal multi-campus mega church it has become. When my favorite bloggers were not afraid to be unpopular or say things that might offend their friends. Now they are pastors and leaders and need to be safe. They now quote puritan's bold remarks instead of making their own. When people that wrote songs for the love of God rather than to sell more albums. The minute my old home church got a building we were more careful in our conversation so as to not offend new believers. Most saddening of all is how I remember my own boldness before I had a family and a career. You want to stay quiet and blend in and not do anything to jeopardize your  stability. You don't want to say the wrong thing and loose your job. Truth has a cost. We must pay the cost or Truth will not be Truth. You will only have a shadow of it. If you stand with truth there is a price to pay. I have friends that lost their jobs standing for truth. I have seen good pastors that were fired for correcting their congregations. I have lost friends when they find out about my beliefs. I think I have the faith in my God to defend truth. I am willing to pay the price. Jesus paid the price. I will stand. Will you?

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