Sunday, February 5, 2012


My last post was one part of the issue, the problem. It is easy for anyone to criticize so here is a plan for the solution. As believers we should take our faith seriously. We dedicate years of education for our career and hours a week on television and the internet but when it comes to understanding God not as we wish Him to be but as He really s we all the sudden get a headache because it is just too complicated. The complication lies in unbelief. God makes a tough statement and rather accept it like a child we rationalize our way out of it. That gives me a headache too. The alternative would be to simply accept truth , strive to achieve it and pray for God's grace when we come up short. The beginning is simply to acknowledge right as right and wrong as wrong - black and white. I remember as a young man reading parts in the Bible that scared me because I did not want to live up to certain standards. I skipped these chapters. I think a lot of people skip chapters. 
 Secondly we need to feed the struggling new believers instead of using all our resources and time trying to attract more unbelievers. If we are always wasting time on trite shallow watered down messages so we do not scare any new believer off (they are all just so fragile) we will never row our own. If you actually read your Bible you would know that you need not worry about scaring anyone off. God says that He opens the ears to hear and the heart to believe. It is a miracle hat anyone would come to Him. He gives each person the faith to believe so why do we try to do His job by manipulating His message to accommodate those that are not His. If we were to not remove the offence of the gospel and unbelievers  did take offence they would not hang around.    We might start to look different from the world as a church.
 If when we worshiped we sang to God for His praise and not our entertainment. I have to laugh to myself when almost every time people say "I really felt God's presence in worship today" They felt God's presence when the drum beat increased , the chorus came to a climax , or when they had entered a trance like state after singing a one line chorus for the 67th time.They felt His presence when the stage performers closed their eyes , raise their hands and start gyrating like an old Elvis Presley  performance. They don't even remember the words. Worship should come because you are singing something meaningful to our God without the distraction of a performance. I feel "God's presence" when my heart agrees with the message of the song and I am in communion with God in this profound message. 
 Finally when we do a work for God, let it be standing up for His truth and living Holy and upright, encouraging and correcting other believers and living a simple life. We do not need any more so called missions where do-gooders invent new acts of kindness in the name of our Lord with no message about who our Lord is or what He expects.

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