Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I want to share with you some things about my lollipop ministry. I distribute lollipops in the name of Jesus Christ. I give them to the homeless, prisons, people in hospitals, door to door, stray dogs, anyone I can. I believe this brings great joy to the world and exalts our Lord. I distribute lollipops in Jesus name,  I score touchdowns in Jesus name with my football ministry. I share my beautiful voice with my band which is also my ministry. I also go to other countries to share my talents helping distribute food and helping build houses and teaching skills to poor ignorant people who need my ministries. Whatever I like to do and everything I am good at is my ministry because I do it in the name of Jesus. 
This is backwards and a perversion of the word ministry but, I see and hear people in churches talk this way all the time. Youth pastors promote this line of thinking and it makes believers look stupid. If you like to do things for people then just do them. PLEASE stop calling it ministry. You don't have to stop doing the things you like but you do not have to attach some spiritual significance. If you show good sportsmanship and friendliness when you play football and treat people with respect at work or even help people in need let that be nothing more than the normal out flowing of your Christian character. There is no need to draw attention to yourself by advertising these things as a ministry. 
 This blog is not a ministry. I may write about things that pertain to the Christian faith and I may say things that promote Christian values but that is only what you should expect from someone who is a Christian. This is just a blog where I say what is on my mind. 
 A true ministry is God's and not yours. it promotes his truth at your expense for His glory. You will not become popular or get recognition for a true ministry. You will not be thanked. You will probably be persecuted if the ministry is rooted in God because it will expose sin and exalt holiness which is abhorrent to the natural carnal human mind. You will know that any success is the result of a divine miracle and not because you do anything better than someone else. You will praise God and shy away from any attention given to you. This is ministry. 

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