Sunday, February 12, 2012


Work is not the most important thing in life. It is very necessary but God and family should always come first. You have a responsibility to care for yourself and your family for the honor of God. If you caught that you now see that to honor God and provide for your family you do have to work. The question now is, how much do I work and how hard? That is up to you and your family. You can live comfortably in an affordable mobile home while eating Raman noodles every night for supper. ( I do ) You may also want a 100 room house on a private island with 20 servants. (I do not). It is your job to balance time for your family and God with your work hours. If God and family suffer then it could be that your standard of living should come down a bit. If your family is starving and you sit in front of the television most of the day, it could be that you need to get off your lazy rear and get a job. The bottom line - you are responsible for yourself and your wife and your parents as they age and for all your children. Do your best for them. If you have a brain and your arms and legs work then you can provide. If you are not giving 100% and you have to ask for handouts then you are not trying hard enough. You are not doing your job. Don't make excuses. Even if you have to (as they say) flip burgers at McDonald's you can afford an apartment and food. You may not be used to these living conditions but you are providing for yourself and your family.Be proud of that and try to become the manager of that McDonald's. 

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